Meet some of our current sponsors:

Tosh Lubek video sponsor of Hashtag EventsBecome a sponsor:

We offer you the ability to get noticed, BIG TIME with our unique sponsorship options.

Apart from being able to expose all of our attendees and exhibitors to your brand with traditional options, we think you’ll love some of our fresh ideas for sponsorship. Here’s a list of some of the things you can sponsor either in cash or in-kind with the provision of supplies or services:

The Event – brand the entire event in your name with everything to do with the event carrying a brand or trademark, yes, the whole 9 yards.

Email Marketing – we bang out around 1.6 million emails a month! Wowser and you can have a paragraph, an image and a link in every one of them.

Event Guide – handed to every delegate, speaker and exhibitor this handy publication is in the hands of everyone all day.

Signage – get a logo and stand number printed on all the signage for that extra oomph in encouraging folks to visit your stand

Event Floorplan – have your name, logo and a live hyperlink emblazoned on our interactive and printed plans

Event App – Get your logo and banner advert splashed across the app for everyone to see for the period leading up to the show and 6 months afterwards!

Tweet Wall – Splash your name across the live twitter feed at the venue on the day and embedded on our website for all to see.

Keynotes and sessions –  Be seen to be the sponsor of the seminar and workshop areas with your details prominently displayed and in the event guide and app too.

If you’re keen on any of these ideas or have some fancy plans you think we could help with, get in touch and talk to us.