Business Event Exhibiting FAQ's

Your space is 3 metres wide and a minimum of 1.5 metres deep. We also have double and premium sized stands available too.

Your space is 3 metres wide and a minimum of 1.5 metres deep. We also have double and premium sized stands available too.

The basic booking is for space only, however, you can rent a furniture pack which includes a trestle table, a laundered cloth as well as a power outlet for just £40.00. Add it on your booking form.

To be safe you should pre-book any extras you think you might need before the event. On the day we may be able to provide them, however if they aren’t pre-booked we can’t guarantee they will be available.

At most of our venues, the furniture pack includes a trestle or folding function table. The sizes can vary but generally they are approximately 1.8 metres long and 60cm wide.

The height restrictions do vary by venue and in some cases in different parts of the venue. However, you should assume, unless otherwise indicated, that it is at least 2.4 metres high. Please check with the organisers for ceiling height restrictions if they are important for your stand space.

Sadly, under no circumstances can anything be affixed to the floor at any time. You’ll get us into trouble with the venue!

You can use Blu-tak or any other non-permanent sticky pads to temporarily adhere to posters or flyers to walls. Nothing can be affixed outside your exhibition area without consent from the on duty Event Manager.

Power is NOT included as standard. If required we can supply a socket to your stand position as part of the pre-bookable Furniture Pack. This must be pre-ordered as we can only provide a properly PAT tested socket.

Sorry but no. You can only use pre-ordered, pre-paid and PAT tested and certified outlets we provide. It’s a requirement of our insurers and the venue.

Neither we nor the venue can guarantee connectivity for WiFi.  We do our best to provide a reasonable connection for checking emails and basic connectivity. Full details are supplied on arrival at the event.

If you are dependent on an internet connection we recommend you check cell phone signal strength and use a 4G or 5G cellular connection and tether to your mobile device wherever possible.

For most it is down to location. Premium stands are often in areas of high traffic, high visibility or have larger exhibition spaces. Check the event floor plan for full details.

Just like the song says, “there’s no limit”. The more the merrier.

No we don’t, there are no refreshments included. If you ate or drank as much as we do we’d need to be lottery winners to cover that cost. Venues almost always have a cash catering outlet open during most of the event.

We try not to move any chosen and allocated spaces, however, on rare occasions, we may have to move you to an alternative space. Check our terms and conditions for full details.