Promoting the events

We place a lot of energy into promoting the events

We spend a significant about of energy building a significant presence for the event using traditional advertising as well as more modern snappy routes to market. We also use strong local partners who help us deliver the event message to the local business community and assist in promoting the events.

We have a network of affiliates, ambassadors and partners who are spread around the UK close to our event locations to help network and market the shows.


We will launch an extensive email campaign to an average of 61,000 regional businesses and 135,000 national business to promote the event both as attendees and exhibitors.

We send approximately 1.2 million emails per event with varied call to action messages

Our systems ensure extensive use of the event hashtag in social media for marketing the event across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the build up to our most recent event 2,605 tweets mentioned our hashtag, we reached 2,617,791 unique twitter timelines and generated an amazing 11,881,611 timeline deliveries

We attend dozens of local and regional networking events to help with marketing the event and we engage with local associations, chambers of commerce, networking groups and business clubs to maximise the attendance and make the day a great one for our exhibitors.

We promote the event using event listings on Evvnt, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as with local business and promotional partners.

However, a huge proportion of our visitors are previous attendees who make a point of attending every time and our exhibitors are mainly repeat bookings.

We usually sell out a month or two before the event and those that snooze, loose!

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