Get the most from exhibiting at Hashtag Events across the UK & IrelandGet the most from exhibiting at Hashtag Events across the UK & Ireland by following these few simple steps.

1.   Be clear about what you’re buying.

Many exhibitors think they are buying some exhibition space, a display table and business leads. Smart and successful exhibitors realise they are buying face to face contact with potential clients, influencers and those who might know or recommend them in a highly competitive market.

2.   Give yourself enough time.

Many exhibitors sign up for shows too close to showtime. Ideally, you should sign up at least 3 months before the show to give yourself time to plan and prepare for a successful show experience.

3.   Build a plan for success.

Many exhibitors rent the space; send the salespeople, products and literature and hope things work out. Successful exhibitors ask this question before the show: “At closing time, and within 90 to 180 days after the show, how we will know we were successful?” By determining in advance the specific outcomes they desire, they can create plans for achieving those outcomes.

4.   Read your Exhibitor Setup Instructions very carefully.

This critical tool, which goes mostly unused, will answer many of your questions and direct you to resources you need to have a great day.

5.   Don’t have a party without Inviting guests.

Only 15% of exhibitors use targeted pre-show marketing to identify and attract the right people to their exhibit. Be one of the 15%. The competition for an attendee’s time is fierce. Successful exhibitors get on their target attendees’ “short” list before the show opens.

Get in touch if you need any advice or check out this video for impartial advice you might find useful to help you get the most from exhibiting at Hashtag Events across the UK & Ireland.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event.