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Book your ticket to attend one of our events. Our events are the ultimate marketing opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses. Whatever your type of business it’s likely you’ll meet someone useful at our events.

Book a ticket then meet friends, make new contacts and develop business relationships, do some networking, listen to a seminar and amazingly it’s all free. Most events offer convenient parking. We use venues with easy transport links and on-site cash catering. You can make a day of it and attend your local event.

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Attending a business show?

Attend one of our expos and see how you can build your business sales, develop their network of contacts and connections. They also attend our events to learn new skills, tricks and industry practice. With our events, we’re able to use our extensive range of presenters to get you what you need.

It doesn’t matter what part of the business community, your region or industry. We welcome business owners, managers and any team member of any experience. Book your ticket and take your chance to meet great people and boost your profile whatever your background. You can also use our amazing event app that allows you to network with all other attendees before, during and after the event.

We make sure that we get the very latest ideas, products, services and solutions from the most influential people. You’ll enjoy the best comprehensive learning, presenting and development programmes in the region.

You can get more out of a single day at one of our events than you can in weeks sitting behind a desk and if you follow our important tips and hints on how to follow up on your opportunities then you’ll keep on winning every day.

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