Be a speaker for Hashtag EventsBe a speaker. Here at Hashtag Events, we’re always looking for speakers, presenters and trainers for our portfolio of events around the UK and Ireland. We’re keen to hear from you if you have an amazing story, a poignant tale to tell, some expertise and know-how that you’re willing to share or you’re just an ace at something really cool or useful.

We host 20 physical events a year usually and a host of online webinars and virtual business events so there are plenty of shows to pitch at.

Our presentations slots last around 30 – 40 minutes and attract audiences from all across the business community as well as exhibitors and fellow speakers. Audience numbers range from a dozen or so for niche specialist sessions to over a hundred for our more “glamorous” sessions.

To secure a slot with us at an event and become a speaker we need some insight into your planned talk and there is a form below for you to send over your details for review. If you’re not ready to pitch a session yet you can always reach out and contact us for an informal chat.

Take note

Here are a few useful pointers to consider before you fire over a submission:

We don’t allow sales pitches or product demos during the talk – the sessions have to informative and generally impartial

We hate “death by PowerPoint” – nothing is more likely to send an audience to sleep or get up and walk out if you’re just reading slides. Click to find out what we’re talking about.

Less is more – our most successful presenters have a conversation with the audience rather than lecturing to them. Sometimes one slide with your title and details on is enough too.

We don’t pay speaker fees. We just don’t. It doesn’t work for us (it does for many others so don’t despair and we have nothing against professional speakers).

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