Show your expertise by speaking at a business event

Stefan Thomas testimonial for Hashtag Events

When you are speaking at a business event or business show you also create an opportunity to build your reputation as an expert, thought leader or influencer. 

We can provide people with great expertise or a killer story with a way to engage another set of delegates at the tradeshow. 

Like any good business event, we don’t want presenters who simply host a 30-minute sales pitch. We like speakers who have actually been there and done, not just talked about a good game. We like people who don’t blatantly self promote but achieve business growth by brilliant insights, networking and giving world-class advice.

Being a speaker doesn’t immediately mean you’ll get sales or clients at the end of the session. But you will hopefully achieve the holy trinity of “know, trust and like” quicker than not presenting. Ask Stefan Thomas, best selling author and networking expert who regularly appears at our business events.

You can also grow your business through powerful referrals and recommendations from the audience, build your social media network as well as great backlinks from delegates and pathways to even more connections.

If you have a great tale to tell, a brilliant insight into solving a problem, a wealth of industry experience or think you can motivate and inspire, get in touch.

Add your Speaking Session at a Business Event

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£ 175
  • 30 Minute Presentation
  • Promoted and Marketed by Us
  • Live Q & A Session
  • Delegate Data Provided in GDPR Compliant Format
  • All Audio & Visual Equipment Provided
  • You can record your session for re-use after the event